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Message from the Executive Director

“In Constant Pursuit”
Allison Reider 
Allison Minton
Executive Director

Texoma Housing Partners (THP) was established in the year 2000 as the nation’s first affordable housing consortium.  Nineteen small housing programs located in cities across North Texas came together and created an organization with the mission of being an expert in providing families quality rental housing as well as opportunities to enrich their lives.  

By combining resources, we realize significant financial and management efficiencies which in turn provide additional opportunities to positively impact the families we serve.  Whether it is improvement to dwelling units, additional educational programs or new construction, THP is committed to pursuing strategies that will have long lasting results.

Our vision is to be in constant pursuit of innovation, with an emphasis on creating new opportunities to enrich lives while creating real homes for our families.  We will do this by:

  • Offering homes which serve to anchor families, so they may pursue opportunities to make progress in all areas of their lives;
  • Managing all funds and resources in a fiscally responsible manner;
  • Improving our properties and seeking opportunities for future growth;
  • Supporting our work force, one of our greatest asset, with strong benefits, training, competitive salaries and a positive work environment;
  • Promoting collaboration with area partners which strengthen our communities and support our families.
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